Spring and the final trimester of the school year have arrived! This final trimester has most students writing crafting opinion pieces about things that matter to them-- and I am hearing lots of opinions! Our fourth graders are researching and writing historical information texts. See inside this newsletter for tips from Kirstin Garrison, our instructional coach,  on how you can support your students writers at home.

When it comes to helping students at home, a great way to help students reach their fullest potential is to make sure that students arrive on time to school each day. In looking over our attendance totals for the second trimester the number of student tardies is quite alarming. Even a student that is just a few minutes late misses valuable instruction and it can potentially throw the whole day off as the student can be “out of sync” with the events in the classroom. Here are a few simple suggestions to help get your child to school before the 8:23 bell:

  1. Establish a consistent routine for school nights (playtime, homework, bath, meal, bedtime) and school mornings (wake, dress, meal, brush).
  2. Bath and bedtime -- bathing can be very relaxing and can help make your child sleepy and ready for bed, so try connecting bathtime and bedtime (between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm) with our school start time.
  3. Model preparedness and getting set for the next day. Make sure you get yournightly routines (make dinner, homework check, personal chores) completed so that your child has their most important role model leading the way to be ready for the next day.
  4. Wake up call. Set an alarm clock and get up at the same time each school day. Be sure the entire family is getting to bed early enough to get the rest they need and be up in time each morning.
  5. Teach responsibility. Plan enough time in your morning routine to check that your child is heading out the door with everything needed (backpack, lunch, binder, homework folder) for a successful day. This final check teaches responsibility.

In an effort to keep all our students safe, we are changing our before school routine a bit. It  has become too difficult to monitor which students are waiting with parents and which students are not supervised therefore we asking that all 1st-6th grade students and parents wait in front of the school (between the flagpole, office and the primary building) until the 8:15 bell rings. When the bell rings at 8:15, teachers will walk students out to the playground for a brief recess before our first bell rings at 8:23.  Parents are encouraged to come to the playground with their child for this social time. When the first bell rings, students will line up on the playground and their teachers will walk them back to the classroom. Kindergartners accompanied by an adult will continue to wait outside their classroom for their teacher. We are hoping this new routine will make it safer and less confusing for all students.


Joyce Hansen



White Zone = NO PARKING
Safety is a big concern at our school.  Especially car safety.  Parking in the white zone is not only dangerous but illegal.  If you are parked in the white zone in front of the school and a police officer sees you it's a $400.00 ticket.  Please, do not leave your vehicles unattended in the white zone in front of the school.

Parking Lot Etiquette
Please do not block other cars in the parking lot.  If it's not a designated space don't park there.  

Attendance Hotline
Attention Please remember to call the office when your child will be absent from school.  Attendance Hotline:  596-4000 x5341