Summer break is here!

Here is a list of school-wide end of year events this week:
Mon Jun 2
9:45-10:50 End of Year Superstar Assembly
1:30-2:30 Staff vs 6th grade Kickball

Thu Jun 5
All Day Last Day of School
10:30-11:55 Superstar Olympics (1st-6th)

As we finish up the school year and look forward to the languid days of summer here are a few ideas to keep your young Superstars academically engaged over the break:

Have your student write a letter or email each week to a friend or family member, this keeps up writing skills and can be highly rewarding when a return letter/email is received!

While riding in the car, or waiting in line, practice math facts by skip counting together (10, 20, 30, etc) or coming up with a solution and figuring out different number sentences for the solution. For example: The solution is 45. Possible number sentences include: 40+5=45, 9*5=45, 8*5+5=45, etc --the person with the last number sentence wins!

Dedicate time each day to reading -- either listening to books read aloud, or reading books entering 1st graders should be reading 15 minutes, 2nd 3rd graders should read 20-30 minutes daily and 4th-6th graders should read, or be read to 45-60 minutes a day ALL SUMMER LONG!

For those of you leaving Smith, we wish you the best of luck in your new school!

For those of you returning, we look forward to seeing you Monday, August 25!

For all of you, have a safe, restful, and adventurous summer!

--Joyce Hansen

White Zone = NO PARKING
Safety is a big concern at our school.  Especially car safety.  Parking in the white zone is not only dangerous but illegal.  If you are parked in the white zone in front of the school and a police officer sees you it's a $400.00 ticket.  Please, do not leave your vehicles unattended in the white zone in front of the school.

Parking Lot Etiquette
Please do not block other cars in the parking lot.  If it's not a designated space don't park there.  

Attendance Hotline
Attention Please remember to call the office when your child will be absent from school.  Attendance Hotline:  596-4000 x5341